How do I get justice on the people who verbally harassed me?

When I was in school, I was SEVERLEY harassed by other students, I am 17 years old now, and it still bothers me, because, whenever I walk by any of those people at the mall, ect- they scream )”we won!” “can’t bring us down!” and still sexually harass me (verbally). it bothers me so much, I am thinking about sueing the board of education, for injustice or whatever, please take me seriously,


Answer #1

Live a good life .. who are they any way ? noboy worth worring about I was tortured from elementry schol on it took a while but I turned out all right eventually . I know it hurts now but those are the things that inspire compassion and empathy later in life

Answer #2

Well you could talk to someone about it, like a councelor or someone. But getting justice, especcially with the school board is not easy, they have so many powerful tools, and you need proof, you need so many things to bring that justice towards your side.

Answer #3

You don’t need justice. What goes around comes around. You walk with your head high and ignore them. Some people need to make others feel bad to feel good about themselves. How you think and feel about yourself is what matters most. Best of luck.

Answer #4

Justice hah hah hah there’s no such thing, guess what huh let me give you a situation and you think about it for a minute: John is 16 and takes self deffence lessons all his life just for fun, he fell asleep late one night at his friends house and had to walk home around 2am, some creepy guy on the walk home pulls a gun on him and says to give him his back pack, john uses his self deffence and injurs the gun man, john goes to jail, the next day even though some guy pulled a gun on him. john went to jail because the guy was injured. If you can sue the board of ed, by all means go for it!

Answer #5

What do you mean by justice? Whooping their butts? They are immature dingbats. Do your thing, be proud, and ignore them. Unless they have physically assaulted your or damaged your reputations legally, they are tiny little gnats that aren’t worth your attention. Do NOT let them define you! You know you are quality, they are not or they wouldn’t be putting you down.

Answer #6

You’re 17? Your profile says 1959. You should be long gone over this. And in the case that you lied: Who cares what other people say? We are who we are. If you sued the school board, what is there to gain? The kids will only hate you more, and there’s only going to be more tears. Be the bigger person. Who cares? We live in a society where everyone is going to judge you at least once, it’s fine. Be proud of yourself, and strut.

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