how do I get her to miss me???

my girlfriend every now an again wants to miss, whats the best way to make her miss me other tan being away from her for more than a few days??

Answer #1

once in a while snd her to voicemail she’ll be thinking about what your doing and then somehow it’ll change over to how she misses you…and still wondering what your doing lol!

then give a call ltr and say heyyy!(be happy)and she’ll be glad to hear from you,You be happy she misses you and

             were all just happy happy lol!
Answer #2

do something sweet for her [like send her an ecard]. but just one. she’ll start missing you. or do what the person above said.

Answer #3

dont contact her at all then she will come back to you but if she doesn’t or she doesn’t care then you’ve got a problemmm

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