How do I get black hair dye (natural hair dye- "Herbatint") out?

I use a product called herbatint- a natural hair dye- and my hair dresser said that type of dye is actually harder to get out than “regular” hair dye, and that I cant bleach it out because it would take forever and my hair would look like hay and fall out…I’ve been dying my hair black for 9 years and want a change but I dont know what to do..anyone know anything about how to get black natural hair dyes out of your hair?? I love the length of my hair and it’s pretty healthy right now so I dont want to do anything that will mess it up! help! :)

Answer #1

The best thing to do besides talking to the hairdresser, is to call the 800 number on the package and ask them what to do or if they have a website, you could go there and ask, but as far as I know (and I used to be a hairdresser some years. ago), I don’t think you can do anything but let it grow off (but I don’t know what they mean by ‘natural’).

I agree with your hairdresser about not being able to bleach it. At this point, I’d be afraid that my hair would fall out too, by using all those chemicals. And you can’t put color on top of black.

I think you’re going to just have to live with having black hair for a while.

Hopefully, you learned one thing and that is to leave the hair coloring to your hairdresser and look on the bright side. You still have hair.

Good luck to you.


Answer #2

use clairol hair dye remover, just make sure not to put it on your roots it will bleach them.. right now My routes are a light blond and it sucks.

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