How do i get back at him?

This guy I've been hanging out with is a jerk..I didn't have sex with him or do anything besides kiss him, but he's telling everyone where we work that we've been screwing. How do I get back at him..or how do I make him jealous and wish that he had had sex with me?!!

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Honestly I dont think you should do any thing... 2 wrongs dont make a rite

You should b the bigger person. Obviously hes b in immature and needs 2 grow the hell up. As long as you know its not true it shouldnt matter

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*how do I make him jealous and wish that he had had sex with me* >from that comment it sounds like HE turned you down for sex. Why would you want to wish he had, when hes going around telling everyone he did? LET IT GO> Be mature instead of wanting to stoop to his level!

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Kill him. It's the only way. Nah nah, don't do that. lolol. Uh, ever watch How High? They plant something in the room and then lead pigeons in. The pigeons eat it, then sh!t everywhere, before exploding. Do something like that, lol.

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Lead pigeons in there and let them sh*t on him?


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Who cares if it's immature? Teens ARE immature. Your mindstate only affects few people that will call you mature just because you act like it. Have fun while you're still immature.

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