How do I get a scratched disc to work?

I’ve been wanting to play San andres for a very very long time now, but the disk is scratched and I cant get it to work…what is an easy wayu to get it going?

Answer #1

I’ve used creamy peanutbutter and also toothpaist and the toothpaist seemed to work.

Answer #2

Ok I had the same problem wid one of my 360 disk. if the scrathes are light you can take windex and spray it on and wipe it down. if they are pretty deep go to your nearest game crazy or game stop and they can buff it out for you or you can go to a cd or even book store and they sell disk buffer soulution

Answer #3

well once a disk is damged with scratches there is really nothing much you can do but to buy another one. but if this was llike a compact disk or a disk with music or other data on it, you could take the data from the disk put it onto a computer and place it onto a blank disk(:

Answer #4

Go get the Dr. Skip scratch-fixer-upper-machine-thingy. That’s what I use on all my music CDs.

Answer #5

If it has light scratches then put it in the freezer for about an hour. It should work if the scratches aren’t too deep.
Hope this helps, Mama K

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