How do I get a dog?

I have been trying to get a dog since I was about 5… Im 13. I never gave up. I’ve done suprise slideshows, answereed all of their questions, yet my parents wont say yes. I dont know what to do now! I have been online doing dog research about evryday for hours, and my parents are telling me to give up. I know all about them and I am even donating money to puerto rico for the island dog probblem. So.. How do I persuade my parents?

Answer #1

-try asking your parents what, exactly, you can do in order to persuade them to get a dog. -research the exact breed that you want and explain to your parents why that the dog is the best kind of dog for you. (Does is shed? drool? need a fenced in yard? etc.) -My parents are suckers if they actually meet a dog and see pictures. So go on and find the pets page for your community. (Be careful not to contact anyone from the site, because it may be dangerous) and pick out a dog nearby and show your parents the picture. -then offer to share costs of vet and food bills. (You could get a paper route or something to help make money, or even shovel snow for the winter) -In the meantime, do what ty said and volunteer at shelters, or walk your neighbors’ dogs (for money?) to show your parents that you are capable of doing that sort of work.

If I think of any more ideas, I’ll let you know.

Answer #2

man, I remember I wanted a puppy for my birthday and my dad bought me 2! I know weird huh. you could tell them to get a small low maintenece dog, or a german shepherd thats really smart, or I bet this will work, you could get a puppy that will be a guide dog and when the dog reaches a certain age you have to give them back and you get another guide dog puppy that way yo wont always have to keep them but youll have a dog.

Answer #3

thanks abicadabi! ill do those things and try to earn money. my sister and I have been saving money and trying to find ways to earn more. we have almost $300 but we odnt know how much we would need. how much do you think is a good amount to have? and I am going to show them the island dog video of selena gomez… thanks!

Answer #4

Alright. First of all, lets not be dramatic. Kids live in mud huts with no clean water and not a regular supply of food. I wish this was just an ad on t.v. but coming from a third world country it is very real. So a little perspective please… And yeah, volunteer in a shelter. Petco or petsmart has volunteer stuff on weekends…

Answer #5

I would… but I still have about 5 years… and I LOVE dogs. I dont know how much longer I can live without one… mabey I can wait and go to shelters a lot to be around them… thanks, Dosomething1

Answer #6

If you’ve waited this long, maybe you can wait a little longer till you are out of the house and living on your own?

Answer #7

I know! accept I have had a bunny. but it lived out side and bunnies can be sooo boring! I said I would do anything and they still wont let me! its so unfair

Answer #8

well I have the same promblem my parents are MEAN!! I have never had a pet and never will! but I would sit down talk to them give up anything !! like I gave up my phone to get one but I Couldnt last so my mom told me to clean up AND keep clean for a week and you will get a dog and I couldnt clean im to lazy hahah!! (:

Answer #9

heyy thanks for the comments!!! I now have a 11 wk old maltipoo puppy!! she is adorable and my parents said the reason we got her was because of how I proved to them it was a good idea.. thanks again!!!

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