How do I get a clamp for a belly button piercing?

I’m peircing my belly button and I need one of those clamp thingy’s. how can I get one or something like it?

Answer #1


Professional piercers have them. Because they are piercers. As in, they’ve been trained to put holes through people’s bodies.

Are you nuts? Do you realize that it’s almost guaranteed to get infected if you do it by yourself? You need the clamp, hollow needle, sterilization materials, and then, how will you put the ring in after the needle? It’s going to hurt so bad you won’t want to.

You’re ridiculous.

AND in every question you’ve asked about this (like all 3 of them), you’ve spelled “pierced” wrong. So don’t do it if you can’t spell it.

Answer #2

you can order them online.

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