How do i gain more weight?

I recently started modeling, I love it I plan on doing it for the rest of my life, anyway when I started modeling I weighed 100 pounds and was 5'1". Now I weigh 88 pounds and my height is 5'2"
My agent recently asked me to start gaining a little weight because they don't want people thinking they starve there models, Please help I have tried everything!! I just cant seem to gain weight! Xoxoxo

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Eat more than you normally do,but don't eat WAY to much or your weight will go over board. Eat mainly fast food and sweets. Chicken may help seeing it has some fat in it. Just try not to go over board.

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eat a lot of fatening foods like pataoes avacadoes and eat fast foods and work out too

How can I just gain weight?

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Eat foods with a lot of fat.

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peanuts have fat in them!

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