How do I find out who I am?

Whats it mean to find who you are? And how do you do that?

Answer #1

there is no certain thing to do…I mean you could try out different things…but don’t go over board and ruin your rep…go with things you feel comfortable with

Answer #2

it takes time to find who you really are…you will go through what people call “fases”(how ever you spell it) until you the one you feel most comfortable with…but you won’t know it at first…as I said it will take time

Answer #3

phases…like the choice of word there hehe…could have put a bit more effort lol neways yeh same as the above takes time…im beginning to realsie I dont know anything about women lol soo im putting myself off the dating scene for a while… well accepting is the first step… neways to answer the question ull always learn new things as I do consatntly and then relaise you been an idiot and then learn from them et tec and cycle goes on and on!! bet uhve already got ure answer newyas tc man

Answer #4

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself “ - Unknown

Answer #5

You learn from experiences in life from that you develop your own morals, values ,and opinions. Of course most people do not figure out who they are as a person until later in life because a lot of people have not had many experiences. Most of the time people are swayed into believing in something that they go against so they can fit in. Today there are not many people who can actually identify what kind of person they are because truthfully they cannot comprehend who they are because they change or go against their own morals, values, and opinions. If you really want to find yourself then always be able to believe in what you stand for no matter what and not conform and be like everybody else. Thats what makes you a individual. Just remember if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for everything

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