How do I find out a number that is restricted on my cell phone?

Someone keeps calling me on a restricted number and threatening me. they are calling my cell phone

Answer #1

Call your service provider and discuss the issue with them.

Answer #2

You can call the service provider, or you can call the police and let them know whats going on, they can easily find out. Also, whenever the prank caller calls again, you can threaten to call the police on them for harassing you. Then they should stop. I do it a lot, and I don’t get calls like that anymore. Just tell them that your tired of them calling and your calling police right now because they are harassing you. I hope this helps!

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Answer #3

Best option would be to call the Police department. If the threats are considered true and honest the Police can get the Records from your Cell Phone provider and find out who has been calling you.

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