How do i dye my brown hair blonde?

my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno if it was because she mixed to different blondes together) few days later I just said screw everything and just go back to a brown color, I think I got light ash brown from loreal...but then in the sun I noticed I have red tones in my hair (which I dont want) and everything so I figured I would give blonde another try but reading up on brunettes going blonde from what other people are saying its seems to me its freggin impossible to go blond with no orange tone or red tone or whatever, so right now I still have the light ash brown color but I frosted it so its kinda blonde but not the blonde I want, so should I just keep highlighting for a while until it gets blonde enough to dye with no problems or am I just wasting my time?

and don't tell me to go to a professional I just want some tips to get my hair blonder... oh and since I've frosted my hair my roots are coming in which is bugging me to so I need to dye it all one color but I dunno if blonde would take or not without me looking like a red head. thanks for the people who can help me

can someone tell me what to buy at like sallys beauty shop or walmart or something

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you can go buy a bleach that bleaches your hair blonde.
then if it is to blonde,get some more hair dye and dye it a little darker like Dirty blonde or some lighter blonde color.
trust me.
I am a natural blonde.
it works.
sincerly Brittanie.

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Try SuperBlonde from L'Oreal. I use #205 on mine (naturally a mousy dark blonde color)to bring it up to a very light platinum with none of that red brassiness.

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I'm the same my hair is brown with a red tint I hate it, but like how do I go back blonde because im scared I will turn gingery blone thats what everyone seems to be saying :( HELP . shall I go to the hairdressers and get it stripped and coloured, or shall I bleach it my self and then go an ashy brown, but home blonde dyes can always turn gibgery shall I go to a professinal? x

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okay well bleach it on a friday or saturday and dont go outside because it'll be alittle tinted and then the next day dye it the color that you want and it;ll be totally fine I promise I did the same thing...condition it a lot

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ooohhh I wouldn't bleach it. believe me it will never be the same. my natural fair color is a dark brown I went and got my hair professionally down it took forever but it was worth it before they dyed it the color I wanted they put in another dye to take the red tones out and then they died it the dirty blonde color and then put highlights it was like 110 bucks but it was worth it but it wasn't the exact blonde that I wanted to after that I just started doing it at home since they already got the red out it's easy and I just buy revlon golden blonde color and dye it at home and every 2 months I go and get my highlights for 35 bucks and I love it! hope that helped!!!

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bleach your hair will make you blonde then if you want a different shade of blonde , you will need to dye over the bleach , I recently dyed my hair brown with purple in it and it was awful so I bleached it and it removed all the dark colours I now have lovely blonde hair again

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Superblonde works the best, I went from black to a orange color with only one use. it didnt dry my hair out, but if you use two boxes it will do the trick.

or you could go to sallys beauty supply and get a 30 volume hair developer which lifts 2-3 shades off your haircolor right now.
it usually doesnt cost much to buy a developer.
I used a 20 vol. which is a regular lift (1-2 shades) and you can see it lighten.

but if you want the results I would go with the 30, if youre not patient.
might dry out your hair some but oh well.

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I think best 2 grow it out or use fairy liquid once amonth 2 strip the dark colour ,then start getn highlights every six weeks and ul be perferct blonde that you want this way gaurantes the colour you want with out all the damage or snapping off .

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I actually bleached my hair and dyed it to the color I wanted. You have to get it to a very pale blonde. It goes through many stages when you add the bleach, it goes from brown, red, orange, yellow, pale yellow. Once you have it at pale yellow, rinse it out and then you can add the color you want. I would recommend having a friend or mom to help. You'll need lots of conditioner and hair treatments because it will be dry. Good Luck!

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