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How do I dye my brown hair blonde?

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my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno if it was because she mixed to different blondes together) few days later I just said screw everything and just go back to a brown color, I think I got light ash brown from loreal...but then in the sun I noticed I have red tones in my hair (which I dont want) and everything so I figured I would give blonde another try but reading up on brunettes going blonde from what other people are saying its seems to me its freggin impossible to go blond with no orange tone or red tone or whatever, so right now I still have the light ash brown color but I frosted it so its kinda blonde but not the blonde I want, so should I just keep highlighting for a while until it gets blonde enough to dye with no problems or am I just wasting my time?

and don't tell me to go to a professional I just want some tips to get my hair blonder... oh and since I've frosted my hair my roots are coming in which is bugging me to so I need to dye it all one color but I dunno if blonde would take or not without me looking like a red head. thanks for the people who can help me

can someone tell me what to buy at like sallys beauty shop or walmart or something