How do I deside what to be?

What should I be, a vet and go to Texas A&M University or be a Lawyer and go to Harvard University in Cambridge Mass?

I love animals, but every one believes I should be a lawyer. Now they say that because I am good at 3 things: Acting, Lying and arguing a point… So what do yall think???

Answer #1

being a lawyer is very difficult to get into. but if its what you want, then go for it. it pays very good money.

because you love animals, I wouldn’t suggest being a vet as you have to put them down all the time and see healthy animals die because their owners don’t want them for whatever reason. you will see horrific sights being a vet. but if its what you love then go for it.

maybe you could go to an information night at Harvard to see what they teach etc in a lawyers class. do research, meet somebody who is a vet/lawyer.

Answer #2

Just b/c you like animals or you might be good with them doesn’t mean you should be a vet. And just because you can argue a point (lying doesn’t have anything to do with anything) doesn’t mean being a lawyer is for you.

You may find that neither of these fits you. Look at the different classes that each school offers and see what you’re MOST drawn to.


Answer #3

Just because someone says you would make a good lawyer doesn’t mean you should. I am a straight A student. All my teachers have guessed that I should be a scientist or a doctor or an environmentalist but that’s not what I want to be. Let that be the end of it. Be who you wanna be. Because when you become a lawyer you won’t be happy, but if you become a vet they should be happy when you are happy

Answer #4

Be what you truly want to be. I enjoy helping people andmaking them feel better. So I’m graduating in three months from my medical assistant course and I will be continuing my education to be an RN in about three years. My fam and friends told me that they think I would make a great lawyer earning lots of paper because I never give up an arguement and I’m good at finding supporting facts to make someone turn in my favor. But that’s not what I want to do. My belief is the world might be a better place if there were more people making something they love a careeer instead of something they are good at but not passionate. If you truly love animals and could care less bout being a lawyer, I advice go to vet school. It’s your life. You should be happy and not worry about making others happy when it’s something that is going to change the rest of your life.

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