How do I delete old questions I have asked??

I really cant find it on my “edit your profile” or anything else. I’m getting sick of my old questions, and I really want to delete them. They’re making me feel really dumb, haha and I don’t enjoy feeling any dumber everyday than I usually do.. So can someone help me out??

Answer #1

You cant delete them - you can mark them as anonymous though so they aren’t on your page, nor under your username. Go to your profile >> my Questions (left side of the page) and that’s where you can mark any of them as anonymous. When a question gets marked anonymous it goes to the ‘fau’ user account.

Questions only get deleted if they are against the terms of use policy, which is to be gone be an advisor or admin.

Answer #2

go to your own profile and under the question it should say “delete” maybe..I don’t know

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