How do I delete my questions off my profile so it doesn't show?

How do I delete my questions off my funadvice profile so it doesn’t show?

Answer #1

you cant all you can do is mark them as anonymous which will permanently delete them from your list of asked questions and replace your username with the name “fau” to do that click on your profile then go to the right hand side in the box it says “ my questions “ click on that then mark the ones you want to as anonymous

Answer #2

You can’t delete your questions. Just go to ‘Questions’ at the top of this page. Next to all your questions it should say ‘Mark As Anonymous’. Click on the one that’s next to the question you want to remove from your profile. Your question will be placed under the user ‘Fau’ and will become anonymous.


Answer #3

u cant delete thing but you can mark them as anonymous so they wont show on your profile, but they will go to your Watchlist but your the only one who can see that go to Questions on the top of the page or at the left hand side of your profile. next to it theres a thing that says mark as anonymous. just click that now those questions will be in your watchlist and be marked as FAU to everyone else

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