How do I decifer 2guys and then 1who iL with out killing my rep?

Um ok this is gonna sound so messed dont even ask ok he the situation that brought me here… OK today in class ppls were signing my pants I do that and like 2 of them wanted to sign my ass im not a hohoho so I said no then out of nowhere my friend jessica signed my butt and The 2 guys were like HEY! we wanted to sign her butt and I said to them Horny Ba(!$@ds and they were like you know you want me then they got into a argument and then the other guy I aint even sure about his feeling always cheacked me out and errr Middle school is a TESTOSTERONE FILLED PLACE!

Answer #1

If you don’t know them at all or not that well, they should respect your decision, if they can’t then just move on and tell them to leave you alone or you’ll let the school admin about them.

Doesn’t sound mean to me, just sounds like they are horny dudes with nothing else to do.

Answer #2

I’ve known one since I was in Gr 5 im in Gr.8 the other I’ve known since Gr.6 and The guy I like I’ve known for 2-3 weeks

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