how do I deal with a breakup

I really dont know what to do any advise

Answer #1

how long have you been with this guy and what happen to you both

Answer #2

You realise that no guy defines who you are. it may seem hopeless now, but in time it all heals. trust me. atm you need to keep yourself busy, the worst thing to do is mop around, cheer yourself up doing something fabulous with your friends, lunch or a movie, go shopping or get your nails done, anything to take your mind off it. Avoid silence, that gives you time to think about it, if its silent put the radio on to keep your mind on other things, and it will pass. the hurt will fade.

Answer #3

Believe in yourself that you can move on, have some alone time.

Answer #4

go out to parties try to put away anything that reminds you of them and just go out with friends

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