How do I cure peeling?

Im peeling all over my back…its itchy and its stinging…I’ve tried to put ice on it but nothing :(

Answer #1

try Auquaphor by Eucerin. believe me, I am german and irish I burn all the time. Aloe Vera does NOT I repeat does NOT work. Lately I’ve been peeling on my hands for no reason and I couldn’t find anything to stop it, until I found this. :)

Answer #2

it is a sunrurn next time use sun sream

Answer #3

yeah try aloe vera. try not touching or itching it. stay out of the sun until it’s healed to reduce chances of any more burns. after you put that on try placing a cold rag on it but don’t wipe your back off. don’t peel it yourself either, let it go naturally

Answer #4

must be from a sunburn? put aloe lotion on it that should help. don’t pay extra for vitamin e in it it can’t be absorbed through the skin.

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