How do i cum ?

I don't know how to cum and all my friends can :(

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And tbh, I'll do what I like with my body :)

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masturbating is not disgusting, it's perfectly natural. Plus, when you are ready for sex you know what you like and you can be comfortable with your body

Already asked but I really need to know
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You need to touch yourself down there and find what feels good. Your clit is what you should concentrate on. It is toward the front/top of your vag!na. If you look in a mirror and spread the lips apart you should see it sticking out a little bit, like a little nub. So, once you see that and know where it is, touch it. You can try gently rolling it between your index finger and thumb. You can try the tips of your index finger and middle finger and rub it in a circular motion. It should start to feel really good, mix it up and try some other techniques while you're doing it, and eventually you will reach an orga$m...which, if you ask me, is the best feeling ever!! Just get to know your body and experiment with it. Good luck!

is having semen on you in public illegal?
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yeah he is
oh this works try crossing over you fingers like a scribs or summin it semes to work

why not
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let me help lolz

p.s why am I so dirty probbly ed

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Will do :)

what are the chancess??
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Ha, Ed is rather dirty ennit :P
I;m going to try c*mming :D

What do guys like when you give them head?
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well, get a real penis and do it that way!!! yuck, masturbating is DISGUSTING!!!

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Thank you so much :)

My girls body
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try getting your hand wet & doing it that way it worked 4 me

Will she think less of me?

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