How do i change my background in myspace?

How do I change my background in MySpace? I have tried everything i even contacted them and got nowhere. I have seen some cool ones so I know it can be done.

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its easy you go to edit profile and you erase the code to the backround and then save the changes and look for another one.

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There are lots of sites you can go to to get HTML's for cool backgrounds
Here are a couple
There are a lot more if you do a google search
So then, you get the html ( which should be right next to the background pic)
You add an html box to your myspace page, copy and paste the background html in and voila. If you have any other questions or that didn't work, feel free to funmail me.

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it is easy go to edit pro then where u put ur last code at erase that then paste a new one

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