How do I buy things with my mom not knowing?

I reeeaally wanted these purple skinny jeans at the mall today. And I also wanted a lot more converse. But my mom said no because she “doesnt want a freaky little emo kid” living in her house. Shes being extremely annoying. I just dont get why she wont let me buy the things that I want. And so what if Im emo?? It has nothing to do with her!

Answer #1

when it comes close to your bday xmas etc give your friend money to go buy you

some and then wrap them so it looks like she gave them to you as a gift. and then

make sure when she gives them to you your mom is there and your friend is like “I

really hoped you would like them and I hope I got the right do like them

right?” so that your mom cant be like ew those are awful and if she does make your

friend fake cry haha

Answer #2

you are who you are thats what my perants say to me..

Answer #3

Buy them, put them in your backpack, and change into them as soon as you get to school. simple as that =] and don’t worry, my mom said the same thing about me being emo… and I’m not. at all.

Answer #4

well you could buy them and have a friend keep them at there house and bring them to school for you to change into

Answer #5

You probably shouldn’t act like you are entitled to everything you want, it’s not healthy. Your mom has fed you for the last 15 or w/e years. Show some appreciation. The emo thing is kindof a toss-up. If you are spending your mom’s money behind her back you are a thief. I’m sure you know what is right.

Answer #6

These are just jeans , pick your fights on things that actually matter. Just wait til you grow enough to be able to work and support yourself then you can get what you want when you want it. Sounds like you are at the age where everything is a battle, just chill and when you get older, you’ll look back and wonder why you fought about the things you did.

Answer #7

just buy the stuff and tell her to get on some where!! I would!! your wearing it not her! and tell her if she dont like it she dont have to be around you and if she is really is going to kick you out over a pir of pants thats stupid!! :)))

Answer #8

It is her house and your living in it, just respect what she wants. If you keep on with arguing with her about it, it’s not going to make anything better. Also, buying something without her knowing is twice as bad, she’s going to find out sooner or later, that is something you can never stop.

Respect it, don’t disobey your mom.

Answer #9

just go buy them

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