How do I bring up something with a girl, or should I wait for her?

Ok so I was sorta had a thing for this girl like a year ago but it never really went anywhere and she ended up dating someone else. Her boyfriend and her broke up a few months ago and we started talking again and she asked me how I felt about her so I told her. Her boyfriend and her then got back together for like a week. That was about 4 months ago. We’ve been talking again for the past 3 months and the other weekend she came over to a party at mine and we just hung out, she mentioned some things I said when I told her how I felt, but I didn’t really know what to say back so I just changed the subject. Now I wish I hadn’t! We’re going on a date tonight but I’m not sure if I should bring it up or wait and let her bring it up again… what do you all think??

Sorry it’s a bit long :)

Answer #1

ok, feel lucky. its been four months and she still remembers some of the things you said when you told her how you felt, this probably means that she has the same feelings for you and like you said you shouldn’t have changed the subject! she’s probably shy and it took a lot to bring up your feelings again. its too late but if things didn’t go the way you planned last night and neither of you brought up your feelings than I recommend that next time you definitely should! hope I helped for future dates =)

Answer #2

If she can ask you how you feel you can ask her how she feels…it really is a perfectly ok question and if she likes you she will have no problem answering and if she dosnt she wouldnt be going out with you tonight. If she got back together with him then there might have just been some lingering feelings…but 3 months later…you should be ok. Dont stress out and just be upfront and bring it up if its on your mind. Dont worry

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