How can I get into a club that is 18+?

The title pretty much says it all. I’m 17 but friends with lots of 18 year olds. This Thursday everyone’s going clubbing, problem is I’m only 17. However quite a lot of underage people have gotten in before. Wondering if anyone has any quick tips on how to look 18 , explain away a lack of ID and convince the bouncers to let me in ..

any advice at all please :) thanks xxx

Answer #1

Honestly, I wouldn’t even try to do it. They can take away your ID, call your parents, or even call the cops if you actually get in and they find out after.

The only thing really to do would be to go to a place where you are friends with the bouncers or make friends with the bouncers at this place. “Trying” to look older will just make you look sillier if it’s in excess.

Answer #2

fake id! get one that is from someone older than you that looks similar to you

Answer #3

you could get some ones ID use a ittle computer magik put your pic on it and viola its club time.

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