How do I become smarter?

Okay. So I have decided, since my whole family is just about super smart, how can I become smarter?

And if you’re going to say read, well I read literally a book a day minimum 200 pages.

I am also superly above average for a 15 year old. Like I can comprehend college level work

Answer #1

because, it’s a constant need to feel so smart and when I’m smarter I have a better ability to argue more efficiently knock my opponent out in the first round

Answer #2

“Becoming smarter” is a stupid way to put it. You probably have TONS of knowledge in your brain that you just don’t know how to get out. So technically becoming ‘smarter’ is just figuring about a way to let the world know the knowledge in your head. So, differ the clubs that you participate in in school! Maybe try Mock Trail, or Yearbook; both will teach you something new about a different topic like court or computers so you’re adding to your knowledge. This may sound stupid but try reading a dictionary. Every week pick a letter and read up on some of the words so that you expand your vocabulary. For example: sub “MORE THAN ENOUGH apples” for “AMPLE AMOUNT of apples”. Same meaning, smarter words. As for your family, its not about being smarter (if you can comprehend college work as a 15 yr old then you are smart), it’s about looking smarter! =) I hope I helped!

Answer #3

You claim to have superior intelligence and aren’t on the Honors. That seems strange. Are you just smart compared to others that attend your school? How small is your christian school? Doesn’t your school offer advanced classes? In high school I was in all AP classes, graduating from high school with most of my freshman college credits in place. Perhaps your parents should place you in a more advanced school with better programs.

Answer #4

I go to a small christian school and they dont offer many clubs for me to join. In order to join yearbook I have to be a junior and be on the Honors, but A) I’m not a junior and B) I’m not on the Honors

Answer #5

What do you consider being smart? Knowledge or intellect? Reading will only give you knowledge. Intellect or intelligence is more of something we are born with. Most peoples I.Q. scores don’t vary much at all as they age. If you tested someone at 10 and that same person at 30 they should have roughly the same I.Q.

You can, however, gain knowledge through reading or improve your analytical skills by working analysis type problems (physics, upper level math, probability etc).

Answer #6

then your already SMART

Answer #7

why do you need to become smarter, you already sound pretty smart!

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