How do I be more flirty with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend asked me why I dont tell him secrets and play around with him (flirt). It made me really sad, and I just don’t really think about flirting that much with him. How do I flirt with him, and make him think I’m the best girlfriend ever? I need help! I love this guy, and I dont want to end this relationship. :( help me please

Answer #1

hmmm…tickleing him,messing around,winding him up about stuff, teasing is good,n sometimes when my boyfriend is in the middle of talking ill just say hold that thought and kiss him and start being all kinky like lol and then suddenly stop and say okay you can carry on with what you were saying lol,or maybe dress up one night and surprise him…give him the night of his life,proper go all out,hold ups the whole lot,just act girly and seductive I suppose,I dunno if any of thats flirting really but it works for me,message again if you need more advice :)

Answer #2

Thanks :) that helps, but the only thing is I am in middle school, and so I cant really take him out, or kiss him at school (when people are there) is there anything else I could do to be more flirty :) thx for all your help. you rock :D

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