How do i avoid mexican water in mexico?

I have decided on going to Los Cabos mexico. I heard the water can make you sick. this means I cant drink water or have ice. but does this mean I cant have food that is cooked with water. does the cooking part boil out the impurities? I dont know and I dont want to be sick my whole time there. Please Help.

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I went to mexico once... I drank bottled water I bought there. I had no problems, just don't refill it in the sink.

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I have visited Mexico MANY times and the best way to avoid their water is to bring bottled water from the US. As for the ice, just empty the bottled water into containers and put them in the freezer. Another way, is to go somewhere where the water is filtered.

Boiling the water does not get rid of impurities because some bacteria does not die from heat but by freezing and vise versa.

You have made a wonderful decision because on one of my trips I got horribly sick and missed 2 weeks of school.

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I have lived in many other countries many of which where the water could not be drunk. I wouldn't worry about food that has already been cooked. Make sure though to avoid cold drinks made with unpurified water unless the water has already been treated.

When you get there you might think about asking other tourists which restaurants to recommend.

Hope this helped a little - have a wonderful time in Los Cabos Mexico.

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most hotels sell bags of ice, that have US standards. you can try boling the water, that may work for so long. Just rmember, somewhere, somehow, that water is going to get in you, via ice, mixed drink, shower, so might as well just accept it. :)

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