How do I act & what do I say?

A guy my best friend knows asked for my email a few weeks ago and since then me and him have been messaging and texting like every day. I’ve never actually met him but we get on so well and I’m really starting to like him. He’s asked me to meet him next weekend so we can go to the cinema and I really want to .. I’m just really nervous. I’m pretty shy to be honest but considering he’s never actually met me in person, I was thinking maybe I could act differently. I just don’t want him to be dissapointed with the way I look or act as he’s only seen photos of me. Anyway, how should I act in the cinema and what kind of things should we talk about before? .. I’m 16 and have never actually been kissed ( embarassing much ) so I wouldn’t really know how to react to things either. But I really like him =l

Answer #1

I think its great you ve never been kissed, it shows you arent some trashy girl but be careful, you may not know what hes really like, sorry if this is a bit much but since you ve never seen him, go to the cinemas with a friend, meet him with the friend then you can tell your friend to go shopping while you two watch a movie, (sorry, just have your phone with you in case.

Answer #2

just be yourself lol maybe hes never been kissed either? who knows just relax and have a good time :)

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