How do I start a small business with little money?

How to start a Small Business with little money or no money at all?

Answer #1

I started one that did not ask for a lot at all, it was a very small fee, and a one time fee. I will be glad to share more. I am a mother of 8. so I prayed to find the right home job

Answer #2

first go to and thoroughly look through the list. Then cross all of those ideas off of your list. There are a lot and SMC is one of them, that is a scam. I tried it too and they stole over $400 from me. This topic is actually something that I know about. First you have to have an idea of what you would like to do. There is no sense whatsoever in trying to start a business that you arent interested in. There are several websites that can help you, but you have to have some idea as to what kind of business you want to start. Try thinking about an idea that you would like to promote. I think that I would actually be able to help you. Contact me thru my email and I will tell you the details. I am going to have to know a little bit about you and I promise you I will be able to assist you in your venture. Email me at Just start with the first step of coming up with your interests and we will go from there.

Answer #3

I would try the Small Business Association. I just opened my own self defense business online. I used as my webhost.

Answer #4

Have you tried SMC? I used to have a booth in a antique mall where I sold stuff from there. You buy wholesale (kind of ) and sell for retail.

They have really cool stuff. I believe you can get started for as little as $25.

Answer #5

Go to the grocery and buy lots of limonade and sit on the side of the road and sell it

Answer #6

well you could try an online buisness. Sense it involves less money. All you need is like 5 dollars.

Answer #7

post flyers ro get a website and tell people about it so itll get popular!

Answer #8

Well, there are bunch of ideas for starting a small business. Although if you have enough investment for starting business. So, I want to recommend you that franchise business is an amazing idea for starting business. You can visit here for some American franchise as well.

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