How do i ride my boyfriend?

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sit on top of him slide his dicc in.. move your body back and forth like if you were dancing on a guy then get your nut get off him then bend over so he could fucc you like a dog so he could get his nut!!

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I get on top, slow motion on it then I take it home. He loves it and you will tooo...

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basically while you're on top with him beneath you you do a rocking motion instead of up and dow. its great for stimuating your clit. and it allows him to get deeper than in most other positions.

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Well sit on him and slowly arch your back and straghtin it back out repeatedly(but slowly) while moving back and forth.(foward with your back arched, backwards while you straighten it out) It helps when you put your knees on the bed and put your legs/feet on his knees and slightly push off of him. My guy likes it nice and slow they get more pleasure out of it rather than just rushing thru it. but when you think their gonna cum speed up a little bit but make sure do it steady. Dont do it for a lil bit then stop then start again because thats just gonna slow him down and your never gonna get him to cum. Some girls concentrate too much on ridin and forget about enjoying it. hes gonna look at your face while you do it so loosen up and let him know your enjoyin it that turns them on even more. And even if your not enjoyin it makes faces or moan a little at least make him think you are dont just keep a straight face because that is a definate turn off. But always remember if your not enjoying he probably isnt either so maybe try another position or move in a different direction. Maybe just bounce up and down or do circular motions. Well I hope this helps!

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Do you mean as in sex with you on top ?

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sit and do him however comfortable you want. if he doesnt like it, sorry to say, but its not going to work. because you guys both should be enjoying it.

rideee it like a cow girl aha. go fast.deeep.

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Play with yourself while he's inside of you, genitals & breasts, he'll enjoy the view

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