How do girls hump a pillow?

how do girls hump a pillow in bed, naked so it feels good? step by step

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simply just pretend it is your mate and press against yor clit and bouce hard

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youve gotta get your head down on that you know ahahh

your talking about tribbing which is hard unless both parties (you and the pillow) are wet

if your attracted to your pillow take your clothes off, get yourself turned on(nice and wet), lubricate the pillow and hump it...

youll need a gd stiff pillow to pull this off properly.. I recommend a firm, latex pillow

failing that: you could just masterbate normally with a long, well rounded ended peice of plastic... a lot of girls will use a glass coke bottle

gd lk

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I wish I could help but I have the same doesnt make you feel good at all, I dont get it

Is it wrong to try dry humping a pillow to get an orgasm?
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okay, first take your pants off. then, get in a sitting position where you are comfortable with the pillow under you. then, start to move foreward and backward or sideways, untill you find something that sutes yyou. also rub you boobs while you are "humping the pillow". enjoy ;)

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