How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?

For the past three years I've been nothing but obsessed with tattoo's and piercings. I've begged my parents for my 16th birthday to let me get a tattoo, nothing big and something I'm going to regret, but something small enough for me to know its there, and show it off when I want to.

I know everything there is to know about tattoos, and I've been set on one for 3 years, and haven't changed my mind once, how do I convince my parents?

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Dear lush_xo,
I am not familiar with the laws in the STates but her in Canada a parents signature is needed till they are 18 and some will not do tattoos till you can prove you are 21. If you know everything you need to know about them then you also know the laws and the dangers of them as well. A parents worst nightmare is that they have allowed their child to do something that eventually will harm them. Chances are they are waiting until you are able to make this choice legally so they will not be responsible for it. If for some awful reason you did contract hep or HIV while you were under their roof they could never forgive themselves.
Sue...good luck

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I got my first tat when I was 14 behind mom's back because she said "no" and I was like you. I"m 30.. I now have 5 more and have no regrets. My mom says to this day, she should have just gone to the tat parlor with me and consented for me to get a tat professionally instead of behind her back..(she wound up paying for a cover up!)

I am an individual and I like you do. There's no convincing her to let you have one, any more than there is convincing you not to want one. If you're under 18 and/or living in her home, I'd say respect her rules. It's easier than going through what I did.. then, when you're 18 at have that tat, show her how great it is...she'll have to then realize that there was nothing to gain by her saying no to you, other than more of an urge on your part to have a tat.. Sorry, Mom.. you're gonna see it eventually!

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when i was 17 my motherand iwent to get my tattoo the way i did it was i sat down and discussed the pros and cons of getting my tattoo and then they relized that i was going to get it no matter what so they consented you should let them have some say in it like i had my parents approve my tattoo and we went out and found the most proffessional and cleanest tattoo palor we could just let them know your ready for this decision but you would still like their help on the details also show to them that you can take care of your body and that it's ultimately your decision how you decorate it hope i helped good luck!!!

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I got my first tattoo when I was 16 years old as an Xmas gift from my parents. Looking back now (I'm 21) I can't believe they let me do it! haha Our compromise was that it had to be something I love and somewhere I can hide it. I got a snowflake on my back. I convinced them by printing out tons of info on tattooing..whats good/ show that you have thought about it a lot and to show how much you're willing to do to get it. I think what set the deal was finding a reputable tattoo parlor. I knew someone that got a tattoo so I went to check out that place. It was really clean so I took my parents back and they agreed. So yea, I would suggest showing them facts and finding a good place. Good luck! And make sure it's something you want for life!!!

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I was in your shoes once and I ended up getting it with out her knowing. she was pissed off at first but she got used to it and actually liked it. a few months later she got her first tattoo of her own.
dont get anything slutty or massive because then your parents wont ever trust you but if oyu get something small and sensible they may end up like my mum did.


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I went behind my rents back and I dont regret it. I went with my sister and we both got tats. my dad is severely pissed at me and yeah... not good. I wanted one for like 4 years mabey more but I finally gave up and just got one. so if you want to get one just go behind their backs. just be careful who you tell... thats how my rents found out. one of my friends sliped up and said something. and make sure you go to a professional. that is one thing you have to be sure of. you will need a adult signature. find out if anyones parents will take you or if any other family members will do it for you. =]

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Whoever said tattoos are ugly is completely
wrong, I have 8 and I love them are. I think
body art is amazing.

Wish I could help yah girl but I have no idea
what to do. Maybe if you meet like an older
friend or something and get them to sign for you.

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why would you want a tattoo they are ugly and when you get old they gonna look all wrinkly while your pushing your walker or cane down the street... And they r not safe you can get hep c and i know its a rare chance but my bro got it from a bad tattoo needle and hep c turns into cirrhosis of the liver in 20 years or so and cirrhosis aint a good thing... but watever

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My advice and I know your not going to like it is wate till your 18. Give yourself some more time to decide if you really want one and what you really want and where you want it. A tat is a lifetime commitment . After you have given yourself enough time to really think about it do a good search for a good reputable artist and shop. Look at a few places and see what the shop is like. Is it clean? Is their work any good? Do they use an autoclave to clean their stuff? Do they wear latex gloves? And ask if you can watch them do a tattoo.

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How Can You Convince Your Parents to Let You Get Pierced or Tattooed?
It's tough being a kid, especially when you and your parents have different ideas on what is appropriate or "cool". The term "generation gap" didn't come from nowhere - it's been an

issue between parents and their kids for all time. But it's an even tougher issue these days, as more demands are thrust on young people in order to fit in. Most parents realize that children need, not just want, to be accepted by their peers. Without that acceptance, their self-esteem can suffer and they may carry emotional scars for the rest of their life.

But how far should a child or a parent be willing to go for acceptance? Do you buckle under the pressure of every passing fad? Do you drive your parents crazy, demanding one extreme after another? Long skirts, short skirts, permed hair, blue hair, penny loafers, high-tops, tight jeans, baggy jeans - trust me, parents have seen it all.

And now tattoos and piercings have worked their way into the teenage genre as the latest "thing". If you're a teen interested in body art, you're no doubt getting resistance at home. So, here are some things to help you out.

Breaking the Generation Gap
The first thing you need to do is understand where your parents are coming from. They were raised during a time when tattoos and piercings were almost exclusively seen on criminals, gang members and bikers. These people didn't get tattooed or pierced because they appreciated the beauty of the art - they got them to look rebellious and "tough". Many tattoos were done in prison cells or seedy parlors with no thought to safety or sterility. And you are like a precious gem to them - unscathed and innocent. The last thing they want to do is allow you to be put in harm's way. I know it's difficult to understand now, but it really is out of love that they hold you back.

Effective Reasoning
You should know by now that wanting something just because it's "cool" is not going to fly with your parents. If you want a tattoo or piercing, you'd better be prepared to have a better reason than that for wanting it. Whether you realize it or not, this is a big decision. There are adults that spend years contemplating a tattoo or piercing, because they realize the seriousness of it. Even piercings are more permanent than they seem, because once the jewelry is removed, you'll always have a small mark or scar. This is not like choosing a new style of hair or clothing - even hair grows back. But a tattoo or piercing is something that, in one way or another, you will be stuck with for life. If you just want one now because it's cool, that's not going to sustain you when you're old.

Choose Your Battles Wisely
You should also be aware of the fact that in some states, minors can't get tattoos or piercings, even if they have parental consent. Find out what the laws are in your area - it would be a waste of time to try to fight it out with your parents only to have the studio turn you away. If you happen to live in one of these areas, you're just going to have to accept the fact that you have to wait until you're of age. Going behind your parents' backs and letting some shady individual tattoo or pierce you will only hurt any future attempts to win your parents over.

Help Your Parents Understand
Prejudice is based on a lack of proper information. Your parents may be very surprised that tattoo and piercing studios, these days, are cleaner than your average doctor's office. They may not realize that most artists are trained extensively on safe handling and disposal of equipment, or that everything is meticulously sterilized. And they're probably never going to know these things without your help. Do research on the procedure you're wanting done. Present your parents with an essay or information based on solid facts. Show them that you understand their concerns, and attempt to do what it takes to allay their fears. Ask them if they would be willing to take you around to some of the local studios, just to look. And if they do, don't start begging once you get them in the door, or you will lose all credibility. Remain calm, look around and let your parents see for themselves. Then when you get home, you can discuss it.

The Value of Waiting
If you've tried everything you could and your parents are still dead set against you getting tattooed or pierced, let it go. Before long, you'll be old enough to make your own decisions and can do what you want. Getting a hole or picture poked in you is not a good reason to risk losing your parent's respect. If you can calmly accept "no" as an answer, you never know - your parents may even gain a new respect for you and eventually change their decision. But even if they don't, you have your whole life ahead of you. Concentrate on the really important things in life like getting a good education and becoming a responsible adult. Use the time to plan out exactly what you want to do with your life, and show your parents you truly are growing up. Even if they don't really want you to.

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i begged my mom everyday till' she said yes
but i told her it's was gonna b little and she ended up giving in to it

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I'm 18. I work in a tattoo shop and still don't have one, not that I dont want one. My parents don't like them and I still live with them, I respect them. They wouldn't kick me out, I dont even think they'd be mad, they just dont like them, and I respect that. Parents seem like enemy #1 in your teen years, but I'm happy I've grown out of that. My only advice on actually getting it done is PICK SOMETHING THAT MEANS SOMETHING, NOT SOMETHING THAT'S "CUTE". My 1st tat will be a memorial style tattoo for my grandpa, of the toy train he bought me one christmas when I was little, just make it stand for something, NOT you're boyfriends name either. DO NOT GO THROUGH A " FRIEND" who tattoos either, and just know that whatever shop you go to and give a fake I.d you are putting their bussiness in jepordy, they probably have kids to feed, they probably built that bussiness from the ground up. Stop for 2 seconds and think how it will affect EVERYONE involved, not just you. "Going behind your parents back" is uncool, what's the worse they've done for you?...fed you, clothed you, probably buy you a car, pay for college, come on, they're not that bad.

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