How do you become an advisor?

How do you become an advisor?

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you have asked how to become an I correct?you will have to see the previous responder,she is a great adviser.

I have joined in this site just a few days ago and I cant say you how to become an adviser,but as far as I have seen people having adviser position,they will always provide big and useful answers and also they have bben selected as the best answers,you have to also have some best answers to get the adviser post for you.

you have to provide some good and decriptive answers and contact them wit your answers to give you an adviser post it seems as the previous post replier said.they are also one among the website members and you can even contact her,or the editor ,named dara.ok?did you find this helpful?

Answer #2

From site:

“How do I become an advisor? You can become an advisor by first providing highly rated and clear answers. Contact us with a few of the answers you’ve provided and we’ll consider upgrading your account to advisor status.”

You will need to be here a little longer and provide a good number of answers before applying, as well as having a fair grasp on the ToU:

Answer #3

You just joined funadvice, you cant be advisor right away. You need to be a longer period of time on this site, like at least few months I think. You also should be very active on here, and to give good advices.. Hope ill become an advisor one day :) good luck :)

Answer #4

Either they tell you that you have been pormoted because of you’re answers and such or you ask them and they evaluate you’re answers, punctuation, grammar,ETC…

I have applied and so, I have to be familiar.

Hope this helps!

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