How did you find FunAdvice?

Out of curosity. How did everybody on here find out about this site?

Answer #1

I asked a question and saw the responses and how people were actually serious with the questions. I signed up when I had an ergent question and I got REALLY great responses and now I am a whole lot happier knowing that if I had a question I can always count on people here!

Answer #2

I was looking for information on something, tried Yahoo Answers and it sucked so I looked for a new one. Came across FunAdvice and I’ve been addicted since.

Answer #3

I was looking someting up on google and someone asked the same question on here and I saw the answer and was like ok cool I like this website.

Answer #4

um I was trying to find a question on google and I clicked on this funadvice thing and it looked fun lol so I signed up=) lol I don’t know?

Answer #5

same…had a question…typed it into google and this site came up. I thought it was hilarious so I joined.

Answer #6

I was looking up a question, and I found the site. I knew I had to sign up as soon as I saw this place! I’m glad, because Funadvice is my place! :)

Answer #7

Same as most of the others, I googled a question and I ended us here. Don’t have any idea what question though. It was a year ago (10 months actually).

Answer #8

like everyone, I was searching for something on google, and this came up.

Answer #9

I googled advice for new school and this is what came up! funadvice!

Answer #10

wanted 2 know sumting about my ipod and this popped up… me likky =]

Answer #11

I think I was searching something up on yahoo.

Answer #12

I went to google. [=

Answer #13

searched a how to on google and funadvice came up

Answer #14

yeah google.

Answer #15



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