How did my FunMail end up a posted question?

How did my fun mail to another user end up as a question on this forum? I sent another user a fun mail, and it ended up being posted as a question. How did that happen?

Answer #1

When you click on the “Ask me a question” button, it ends up being posted as a question on the boards, let one of the advisors know and they’ll remove it If you need to funmail someone, you need to actually use the funmail button

Answer #2

u might have accidently click “Ask Me A Question” instead of “Send Me Funmail” I’ve done that once. lol. just talk to Thedude and he’ll get rid of it

Answer #3

gess you cant trust 2 many people on here :/

Answer #4

lolz :D This is so funny :D

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