How did jack twist die in brokeback mountain?

How did jack twist die in brokeback mountain?

Answer #1

No mystery it was a queer bashing!

Answer #2

I am also left with a huge question mark about the nature of Jack’s death. Jack died in the way Ennis always feared. Or did he? We don’t see Jack die; we see Ennis visualizing Jack’s death while Lureen tells a different story.

Granted, Lureen’s stiff, formulaic delivery of the story is meant to tell us she is lying. But is that Lureen, or how Ennis hears Lureen? Did Jack die in a gay-bashing, or does Ennis imagine it because he is still so profoundly trapped in his closet? I don’t think the movie intends us to be sure. Indeed, the original story seems to leave the same question open. Ennis is sure that Jack died in a gay bashing for two reasons; first, because it is the fear that drives him, and second because he learns that Jack has had relationships with other men, putting him at greater risk.

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Answer #3

The answer is left up in the air for the person to decide. but if you read the story it was an accident.

Ennis just imagined it, due to his childhood trauma of the old man being gay bashed.

If you watch closely in the movie, after the divorce when Jack comes to visit, a white truck drives by and you see the fear in Ennis’ eyes. And when Jack’s wife is telling him the story Ennis imagines it that way.

In my opinion Jack’s wife starts to cry when she is on the phone with Ennis because she realizes Ennis was Jack’s one true love.

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