how'd you ask a girl to prom/how'd you like to be asked to prom!?


Sooo… I’ve just seen today in school this guy (kris) ask my friend (britnee) to prom!! and the way kris asked britnee was the funniest yet cutest ever!! kris wrote “PORM?” on his abs, came into the drama room and called out to britnee and pulled up his shirt while doing a pose… the whole class laughed and awwwed as britnee ran to him and gave him a hug!! saying “YES!!” he then gave her a gift!… and left… lol

so yeaaa… QUESTION IS…

GUYS: how’d you ask a girl to prom?

GIRLS: how’d you like to be asked to prom?

PS. I have another prom story of how this guy asked a girl to prom… if you wanna hear it… just post me a comment! (:

Answer #1

I saw on tv, this girl got asked to prom by a boy who wrote out

PROM? in candles and showed it to her. that would be sweet. :D

Answer #2

so whats the other prom story?!

Answer #3

omg that sounds sooo cute. I would luv to be asked like that. I dont want the guy to ask me all serious cause I want to go to prom with a guy that I know I will have no problem partyin with

Answer #4

“hello, Would you like to go to prom with me?”

Answer #5

I would want a guy to pull me aside at some point and ask me nicely although possibly I’d make him beg to see how much he liked me

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