How could I find out more about my grandfather being a Free Mason?


I’ve just recently found out that my grandfather (who died long before I was born) was a Free Mason. Not just a Free Mason, but a Shriner (not sure if thats spelt right). A Shriner is suppose to be above a Free Mason, at least I think. So anyways, I want to find out more about him and the Free Masons, and I know the Free Masons are very secretive. So is there any way to find out what I want to know?

Answer #1

Well, talk to one of his buddies who knew him. Although the masons/shriners are a ‘secret society’, all that means is that they have certain rituals they won’t reveal. But they can still talk openly to you about your grandfather, his rank, his contributions, old stories, etc.

But if you want to know the rituals, etc., ex. masons/shriners have revealed them all online anyway. It’s really just a charitable fraternity with pseudo-religious overtones.

Answer #2

really there’s probably not much you could find out about the free masons without actually joining them, sorry I’m not much help =( but I say that because my father is a free mason even though he hasn’t been to a lodge meeting in forever as far as I know. he’s a 32nd degree mason and was the master of a lodge once, he has a book with the entire ceremony written in cypher. Shriners donate a lot of their time and money to charities and normally become master masons. maybe you can find out about the masons on the internet if you look hard enough but they probably have kept most of the information secret. even the first, second, and third degrees in masonry aren’t explained in my father’s bible but there is a lot of information about King Soloman’s Temple so you should probably start your research there. good luck.

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