how come no sperm comes out when I masterbate???

hi im a boy and im 13 and only started masterbating 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed that when I masterbate nothing comes out? please help!

Answer #1

u prob havent gone thru that stage of puberty…

Answer #2

you need to masturbate until something comes out, and find someone to shag!

Answer #3

normal. I hate to clean up sperm. ps if you do get sperm on a towel, sock, carpet the fabric is never soft again

Answer #4

Hey man, I started when I was 12 and nothing came out. You proly aint started puberty full on yet. Enjoy it while you can, once you get the cum, it makes masturbating messy business

Answer #5

im 13 I tried it my 1st time nothing came out. do you think we are 2 young. try lotion

Answer #6

watch porn or have fantasies it would get you more turned on and you will cum…or maybe you havent gotte thru that stage yet

Answer #7

I Agree With U

Answer #8

Use Lotion And Watch Porn That Would Work

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