How come we can't ask "am I pretty" on here?

How come we cant ask am I pretty on here

Answer #1

There are plenty of dating sites out there, which seem like more appropriate places to talk about things like that.

Answer #2

Also, the site was getting flooded with those. Any newcomer seeing the last twenty questions as.. am I hot, how ugly am I, please rate my face, do I look good in this pic, surely would not think much of that…

Answer #3

Its a new rule. People were just overusing the privilege of being able to ask, it got completely out of hand. I’m sure you can just imagine… On a different note… thats the point of the whole “picture rating” function the site has. :)

Answer #4

Why would you need to …Beauty is skin deep and what you have on the inside far outshines the physical

Answer #5

That kind of baloney belongs on attention- seeking Myspace bulletins.

Answer #6

it gets really really old having everyone ask if they are pretty. . .

Answer #7

Because it breaches FunAdvice’s Terms of Use, which can be read here:

Answer #8

Everyone gets sick of answering it. Then we end up getting people making nasty replies. If someone wants to tell you you’re pretty they can funmail you or leave a comment on your page.

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