How can you tell if your having a miscarriage?

Do you have to bleed to have a miscarriage? What aer other symptoms of a miscarriage?

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Signs of a miscarriage:

-Abdominal Pain
-Dull ache in your lower back that wont go away
-Blood Clots

Anytime you are worried or something is happening that you think is wrong - call your doctor.

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umm my mom had a miscarriage like 2 or 3 years ago and I think I remember her stomach hurting a lot and you want to go to the doctors soon because it can be fatal for u

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the symptoms of miscarriage

* Vaginal bleeding that may be preceded by a brownish discharge
* Cramps in the pelvic area
* Tissue or blood clots passing from the vagina
* A decrease in the usual signs of early pregnancy, such as nausea and breast tenderness
* Pain in the lower back or abdomen

What are the warning signs of miscarriage?

* Spotting or bleeding without pain
* Heavy bleeding with severe abdominal pain
* A gush of fluid from your vagina but no pain or bleeding

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any odd signs is a red flag to go to the doctor.

Can pressing on the stomach cause a miscarriage?

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