How can you mask the smell of weed

How can you get rid of the weed smell fast? or get rid of it period??
oh and don't say something retarded like,"well, dont 't do it."
I wasn't asking that smartass

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1. to keep the smell getn owta your room wet or damp towel unda da door or smoke t and da bathroom sowndz stupid bt t aktually wrkz your room don't stnk use a air freshner that kils da smell nt just cover t up
3. roach clip or f you knt fnd doz a simple cloths peg wil stop da smell gtn stuk2ur handz/finga tipz (datz da main giv away)
4.chewing gum getz rid o da cronic smellin breath an f.y.I helpz with da dry hororz an munchiez
5.da weed smell getz stuk and your clothz so eitha lotz and lotz of deodoriserz or have a chang ov clothz
hope dz helpd
PEACE and enjoy LoL

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agree with bunzz420. I can do that stuff in my room. just use some febreeze for safety

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make a spoof, also called a blow-buddy. This is basically a carboard toilet paper tube with wadded up dryer sheets inside, and another dryer sheet secured over the top. Smoke blown through the open end of the tube exits smelling like weed-scented dryer sheets, and it will generally be enough to cover the smell. Old dryer sheets can let more smell through, so be sure and change them.

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I'm a mom with a really good nose. How do you truely mask the smell
Don't smoke it!!!

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OKay 4 things

1. Eat a Big Mac, helps with munchies and pwns that whole mouth smell

2. dont use cologne, perfume or anything like that, get some Hempz (TM) from like Whole foods, and spray your hair and body

3. If possible go chillat the mall the rest of the day, if its the smell on you or... if its your room, then do a damp/wet shirt under your door and then just like stay out of your room, crack a window etc

4.this has only worked once for me, my parents have like a lot of incense and love burning incense, so the pint is, if your parents dont know the smell, then you can actually let the smoke go everywhere, then tell your parents its a new incense lol

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Dude trust me nothing works, I've tried...

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notonourown your a smartass get out of here

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lots and lots of axe if your a guy and lots of perfuem for a girl lmao

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open a window and spray purfume or axe on the curtans

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umm inscence (did I spell that right) air freshener, perfume, or keep it in a closed container, open windows...

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Ok this is the best way I have found that works well if you can get the product. There is an incense that is supposed to smell like weed (sort of does) it pretty much says on the pack "smells like hemp", then just burn that when your having a smoke then if your parents suspect, you can say it's the incense, you can even show them the pack if they don't believe you, and It will say "smells like hemp" with pretty weed leaf designs decorating the pack. This trick has pretty much solved my weed smelling problems for life.

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If your doing it indoors theres NO way of getting the smell out, trust I've tried everything but it stays for like 1-2 days, but if your doing it outside and you just dont want your clothes to smell, try keeping the smoke away, and spray some axe or cologne occasionally while your blazing, if your using a pipe indoors use a spoof to mask the smell(spoof*: is a thing made of sented dryer sheats an empty toilet paper roll and an lastic, all you gotta do is put the dryer sheats at the end of the roll thongy and then put the elastic aroun the sheats so they stay on the roll, so when you take your pipe hits dont blow out into the air blow out into the *spoof* and then it will come out smelling like the dryer sheats

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go outside so no1 cna see you it wont matter where the smell goes no1 would no it was you

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well depends on if its juss the smell on you or in the house.

but incense, candles, air freshners and such are good
axe, cologne is good for your body
but don't forget your eyes and breath as well. juss get sum visine(eye drops) and mint, gum or food and urr goood.

if in the house, you shud try to keep it in the room, preferably yours. lol
throw a cloth under the door, put on a fan, AC and open the windows to get the air flowing..
and of course some music.


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take olive oil and crushed mustard seeds and rub it all over you if someone ask you are trying on a new cologne.

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open windows when you are smoking, and then when you finish spary your room down with febreeze or something else to that effect

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hey notonourown whorre shut the fuuck up! didnt lauren just say... "oh and don't say something retarded like,'well, dont 't do it.'" fuucking dumb biotch

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I find a good incense is good like woody scent like sandalwood or jasmine and it also smells nice too the best way is to also use armoathearphy thats essential oil in a water burner as its quite strong and helps to get rid of the smell also esp if its really smelly like 'cheese'. The above suggestions though will all work.

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I personally use the spoof. (thank you bunnz420) I"ve used it for years to keep the smell away from my paranoid roomate. It works wonders, you just have to keep fresh dryer sheets in it, or It starts smelling more like pot than air freshener.

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