How can you make your vagina taste better?

My boyfriend told me a didn't taste "good".. So is there any way I can make it take better?

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It may be about him. Most men love that smell and taste and are positively turned on by it. Of course, what you eat can have an effect, as well as the kind of personal products you use. Shower in the morning with a mild, non-deodorant soap and just let it marinate till bedtime. He should positively enjoy it.

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It may be him. But what you eat will alter the taste. By all means do not shower it away. Just let it marinate all day and let him dive in and enjoy it.

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Maybe he's just inexperienced and doesn't know that's what it's supposed to taste like.

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I heard eating pineapple will make you taste sweeter. and
junk food isnt good for tasting good down there

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hi maybe you should shower and was before you play,or chocolate

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Eat sweet foods, like pineapple, strawberries, ect. And shower often. Junk food/fatty food, or even seafood, is NOT good.

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to be honest your boyfriend should love all aspects of your body and unless it smells like fish there is nothing wrong with your vagina. are you the first person your boyfriend has given oral sex to?

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If you're going to use sweets like some of them suggested, keep in mind to shower or at least clean yourself afterwards. Candy wasn't mean to be in a vagina, and I'm pretty sure you don't want what leaving some in there would give you.

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