How can you get rid of thrush (vaginal) ?

Basically I have had thrush now for like a month, when I got it, it was like creamy gunk coming out. Now its stopped doing that but I have little lumps on my vagina, whenever I wipe it stings like mad, now it starts to burn. I've been putting sudacrem on it, it kinda went then it came back now I canes like mad, please help !

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Best natural cure: ignore and do not wash, only use carbolic soap foam occasionally.
You can try natural mud plasters available from health shops with as little washing as possible.
Otherwise you can try potassium permanganate solution,or gentian violet or iodine tincture.
Always disinfect with 95% liquor or better ethyl alcohol can be good and effective.
Otherwise a doctor can more specifically prescribe fungicides and antibiotics.

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im 14 and I get really self consious if I tell anyone about it im scared to go to the doctor incase he wants to look at my vagina and I get scared when people say tablets and stuff aroung my vagina.

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You need to go to a pharmacy and get canniston duo. You will get an anti thrush cream and pessary (looks like a pill that you put up your vagina). If it persists after this then you need antibiotics from your Dr.

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