How can you get rid of hickeys

How do you get rid of hickeys

Answer #1

it’s not just guys giving it to girls… the majority is the other way around…but anyways. make-up is the only thing that works. hickeys are popped blood vessels. it’ll take a little while before it goes away.

Answer #2

Don’t let them get put there in the first place. If he feels like giving you one, let him put it where it doesn’t show. You might also remind your friend that they make a girl look cheap and slutty. Sorry you didn’t ask that question. Sometimes I get carried away with unwanted advice.

Answer #3

make up is all that works in my opinion.

but you neeed to pound it on.

Answer #5

Get a teaspoon and run it under cold water and hold it against the hickey, it might hurt but it will reduce the swelling WORKED FOR ME :)

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