How can you dye your hair with tea?

I heard you can dye your hair with coffee or tea. Is that true? Can tea really color your hair brown? If so, how? Like do you put it in your hair hot or cold? How?

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Coffee brings out the red and brown highlights in dark hair and can even cover and blend in gray. You can add shine, facets and dimension to your hair using a simple coffee mix that does not contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Black Tea can be used but takes 15-20 times of a highly concentrated tea mixture.

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no, tea or coffe can not colour your hair
neither can any other drink
if you have lihte blonde hair adding tea or coffe or soda may temporarily make your hair coloured, but it will also make it sticky and look horrible
the only thing that can porperly colour your hair is hair DYE
FOOD dye doesnt work either, it will wash right out and look horrible

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Kool aid mix can dye your hair. You like add it into conditioner or something and then put it in your hairrr and it comes out pretty colors :) Haha.

I want to dye my hair

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