How can we stop this arguing in our relationship?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months in a half. We’ve known each other for 10 months and we just can’t stop arguing. I’m 18 and he’s 17. He acts mature for his age, but sometimes he acts a little too playful,and I’m known as mizz serious,I have a great sense of humor I like to crack jokes and goof around, but I know when to draw the line with all that,there are times to play and times to get serious,but we love each other so much and I believe that GOD sent him to me,because he makes me feel like no man has made me feel and I dated older guys since I was 15 my boyfriends were always older then me,but he’s a few months younger than me and I love his lil azz so much,but how can we stop the arguing from day to day we argue every night,every day,all the time now. the beginning was great but I want to know is it ending? he tells me all the time he’s not going to leave me, he loves me enough to marry me,and have children in the future,he promises me all this,and I believe him but I get skeptical,a little,what can we do? how can we handle the situation a little better? are we moving to fast are what? I just need your advice,please, I really appreciate your time thank you!!!

Answer #1

Hey ma all I can say is that if you love him you should hang on there… I been thru da same thing and if he’s worth it you’ll try your best till you gave your all & if doesn’t work then… then it wasn’t meant to be. At least in the end you’ll know you TRIED to make it better…

Hoped I helped… GOOD LUCK!

Answer #2

for one thing i been in a lots of relationships and he does make me feel like no other man i’ve been with actually,so i totally disagree with your opinion,but thinks for the time sharing the knowledge of what you know,but i disagree with your advice.

Answer #3

As I see it, you are helping him with his addiction. He has another love in his life and you seem willing to share his love for you with his love with weed. Try what Stari has suggested and take a stand. Stand by your decision untill he either gets rid of his other love or you get over him. Not just for one hour but maybe even for as much as a year. You deserve someone that wants you and only you for keeps. Good Luck Gino

Answer #4

The real test will be living together in the same space for the rest of your life. Then imagine arguing and finding some way to live with the person you are angry with and feel comfortable without having some other home to escape to. If you are Catholic or some other tenant of religion that forbids such a thing….. well you just have to have good instincts and a good judge of the future. I take it that by your ages that this is a fairly casual relationship and you both have separate homes with people that take care of you rather than either of you paying your own way through life with the enormous responsibilities that come along with the ability to make your own decisions. This may explain your boyfriend’s “immaturity”. If he doesn’t have to take self -responsibility for his lifestyle, then you can hardly believe that he needs to be more “mature”. This may come with age or it may not. He may go on to college and be able to support a comfortable lifestyle that he can share with you, or he could live at home till he is thirty until he proudly announces that he is renting a basement apartment from his mom in her house that he formerly just sponged off of.

Love is great. You will find it throughout your life if you are ready for it. Life is hard. Not everyone has the mettle to make something of themselves. Finding the two together is wonderful, but it is not something that just exists in fairy tales. Men do this all the time. If your boy can grow to be a man, then try to make it work. If he looks like the basement apartment guy….. there are much “sexier” boyfriends that you could find. ; ]

Good Luck.

Answer #5

You need to give each other space, maybe you are talking to much and speaking to much. The best conversations to have with your partner is when you havent spoken to them all day, or for a few days and you have lots to speak about. Back away from each other a little.

Answer #6

Every couple has arguments. But if your arguments are over stupid things, it generally means the relationship isn’t the best. When the two of you feed off of each others attitude and make life difficult for others, that is another sign that you should end the relationship. If it doesn’t make you happier, feel better, and content, it’s not worth having.

Answer #7

HAYLEY, I’ve had the same problem with my bf. YOU have to take the first step by telling him you will no longer tolerate his pot addiction. You have to be strong!! I know it’s very hard when you love someone so much, but trust me, i’ve been through it and I’m ok! Actually, my bf finally realized he needed help and is now in therapy. he has almost cut pot out of his life. IF your bf doesnt want to get help/therapy , leave him! When you do, he will realize that you are serious. (I had to do this and it worked) If he still doesn’t get help and won’t listen, he is not ready..and doesn’t realize how amazing and special YOU are. Life is too short to be sad and upset about others problems! It has nothing to do with you ! You should see a therapist so u can have someone to talk to as well. good luck and remember be strong!!!

Answer #8

i keep on argueing with my boyfriend, mainly over his addictioon to weed. ive tried being patient and accept that hes an addict but i cant help but interfere and make him choose between me or weed somtimes. we are so good together when weed isnt involved but the second it pops up again we argue. hes also starting to go in this weird sulky mood and i personally think its weed changing him and turning him skitso, i love him so much and i hate seeing whats happening to him. i just want him to realise what its doing to our realtionship. i must admit he has tried to give up but he doesnt have the will power and gives in. what should i do? who should i turn to? please help. i love him. btw we have tried splittin up to end the arguin but our bond is too strong and we end up gettin bk together within an hour.

Answer #9

There will come a point when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of fighting. When that point comes, you will do what you have to do and end it.

Relationships should always make your life easier, never harder.

And you kids with you “He makes me feel like no man has ever made me feel thing.” Here’s a serious newsflash for you: EVERY man will make you feel like no man has ever made you feel. Every man is different and has different things to offer. That doesn’t mean you should kill yourself trying to make it work with him.

Answer #10

well im 13 and my girlfriend is 13 aswell and me and my bma had an argument ova her and we fell out but now he h8s her so woop woop so im going out wiv her now and we argue but we argued ova stupid things but I put things right by sayin 2 her im nt tolerating this arguing and she sed wht we gunna do and I sed were nt breaking up were just gunna stop arguing! and it was fine frm that point and now were both 21 and were happy

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