How can we see each other?

So basically me and my boyfriend of almost two years want to be together but his legal gaurdian wont let us.
Do we have an advantage of right to see eachother because I am pregnant?
She told him he cant see me or the baby or even talk to me until he is 18 but he is 16 now ans I am only 15.
There has to be something in the books that says we have to see eachother and she cant say nothing about it right?

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I don't know if there's something like that. If it's his legal guardian and he's just 16...legally he's theirs (not trying to make it sound like he's like a slave or something) and he's their responsibility. If they don't want him to see you til he's legally an adult, then you gotta live with it. There's not much a 16 or 15 year old can do...unless you want to talk to a lawyer or something. Or he could get emancipated, but that's a whole bunch of mess in itself. Sorry♥

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