How can people be so cruel?

I was just thinking about all the photographers who made photos during the war for example. How can they just watch someone killing and making a pic of it? it’s so heartless

Answer #1

A picture speaks a thousand words. They are a lot more powerful and (obviously) graphic than words can ever be, for example. A while ago we had xenophobia attacks here and no one was really phased much until one photographer put up a photograph of a man being burned alive. That picture helped save a lot of lives.

Answer #2

thats what books are for

Answer #3

But what is wrong with taking pictures of it? Pictures are good forms of evidence and good ways of showing the world what is really going on during the wars. After all how would we ever have known what was happening over there if it wasn’t for pictures?

Answer #4

Oh okay, I understand what you mean now. But then again, sometimes they can’t help a person at all (they themselves might get killed).

Answer #5

I can see exactly where your coming from..

oh look theres a bloke battering another bloke… lets get my mobile phone out and record it…

oh look hes just pulled a knife out zooms in with the phone

oh look I just recorded a stabbing puts phone away and shows all mates the next day

yeah that just isnt right when people could be helping

Answer #6

You mean books with pictures in it? Or just plain books?

Answer #7

I dont think its OKAY to make photos of THAT…or even dead people,which is worse..

I don’t see a problem with it, after all death is inevitable. I happens every day, and war has been with us for every as well. Why do you find it so disrespectful?

Answer #8

Maybe they couldn’t do anything to stop it an instead took photographs to show the world what was really happening?

I don’t think that taking photographs of a war is heartless.

Answer #9

I dont think its OKAY to make photos of THAT…or even dead people,which is worse..

Answer #10

somwtimeswords are more important than pictures!

Answer #11

its not about helpind either…it’s about takin pics

Answer #12

yea…thats what I mean

Answer #13

because sometimes they could just help a person, not filming how her is getting killed

Answer #14

yea it is kind of like ill but they cant stop the war I mean theyre just photographers thats theyre job.

Answer #15 just watch this if you are interested

Answer #16

I’m not talking about war only…it’s about seeing someone killed and not respecting him

well killer is a job too so

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