How can I use Play Station 2 games on a PP3 or can't you?

What are the cheapest ways to find PP3 games? I have two kids that love playing but the cost of games really sucks. And can you use PP2 games in a PP3??? What are games you think they might like? My son’s seven but already likes games that are ‘M’ which he plays at his dad’s but not here. My daughter is five and likes easy to play. Anyway, I’m not a gamer so just thought I’d try to get some input first. Thanks

Answer #1

PS2/PS3, not PP2/PP3.

To check the backwards compatibility of PS2 games with your PS3, check Sony’s online database:

Not all games will be compatible with the PS3, and keep in mind that the newer the PS3 model you have, the less likely it is to be backwards compatible with older games.

Answer #2

ummm you shuld make an online account and go on playstation store and buy the gme from there, most of them are cheap

Answer #3

go online with your ps3 if you have a ps account. and you can down load the update for them for free

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