How can I trust him?

Theres this guy who I really really like, and he says he likes me too and that we have a lot in common he textes me all day and is really sweet, but his best friend is my ex who did a hit and run, I dont know if this is all a set up should I trust him?

Answer #1

if the subject of sex comes up, mention sex after marriage and see if he stays

Answer #2

Maybe you should find out if he trusts you because if he does then I would trust him. Like if he tells you things and asks you not to tell anyone etc, then he must trust you?

Answer #3

Get to know him really well that how you will know if you could trust him or not. . . My friends been throgh that but the guys best friend was the nicest guy ever and there still together to this day. give it a shot. . . but be careful :)

Answer #4

Usually this situation never ends right.I cant trust a dude like that.maybe he just wants to hit and run careful

Answer #5

Sounds like a setup to me. Keep your eyes wide opened. He could be planning to do the same thing your ex did. If you do go out, don’t have sex with for a long while and see how long he stays interested.

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