How can I train my voice?

I have a choir concert coming up next week and I have a solo at the beginning of a song. How can I train my voice so it sounds better? Im an alto , which means I sing lower, so I dont need to hit a high note. I just need to train it so I can keep a pitch

Answer #1
  1. You could train your voice by drinking lots of water not screaming a lot not eating any cough drops hi I luv TWILIGHT PEEP! GO TEAM JACOB AND EDWARD AND BELLA AND ALICE AND JASPER AND ROSALIE AND EMMET.’ tehetehetehe

Answer #2

I know this might sound like it’s not but it is. Hold our breath for like 5 seconds and then slowly let it out. This help your diaphram to increase and to store air that gives you the voice go hier and also to make that vibrato sound. Also doing do,re,mi,fa,so,la,ti,do So you can have you high notes and low notes ready to go.


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